• Moscow metro tours

    Moscow metro is one the main sights of Moscow city and Russia. Moscow metro was opened in 1935, there are 195 stations today. Moscow metro is famous by its rich artistic decoration. 44 stations are objects of cultural heritage.

    There are some unusual trains in Moscow metro:

    • - Narodnyi opolchenets. Dedicated to veterans of the Great Patriotic War who worked in metro. The train runs on Zamoskvoretskaya line (green).
    • - Kurskaya duga. Dedicated to participation of armored train named “Moskovski metropoliten” in the Kursk Bulge. Runs at Sokol’nicheskaya line (red).
    • - Krasnaya strela – 75 let. Dedicated to 75th branded train “Krasnaya strela” anniversary . Runs at Sokol’nicheskaya line (red).
    • - Akvarel. Train-gallery with art reproductions inside. Runs ar Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line (dark blue).
    • - Chitayuschaya Moskva. Decorated with quotation and illustrations from classic Russian and foreign literature works. Runs at Kahovskaya line (cyan).
    • - Vintage train “Sokol’niki”. Stylised like first train of Moscow metro. Runs at Sokol’nicheskaya line (red).
    • - “Poeziya v metro”. Train lets passengers into poetry of different countries in the world. Runs at Filevskaya line (blue).

    Passengers can see these trains on occasion. There is no exact time when you can catch unusual train in Moscow metro.

    There are some companies in Moscow that provide metro tours. Find the list of these companies below:

    1. Moscow tours.

    2h excursion takes place every Sunday at 11.00am. 48 hours minimum advance booking required. Tickets cost $36.81 or $31.81 if you buy tickets online.
    More details on page.

    2. Moscow free tour.

    1.5h excursion takes place every day at 4pm. Adult ticket costs 24€, student ticket costs 14€. Price includes metro tickets.
    More details on page

    3. VisitRussia.com.

    Moscow metro & Old Arbat excursion. Duration – 3 hours. Excursions are available in English, German, Spanish or French.
    Ticket price – from 55.02$
    More details on page.