• 10 things to do in Moscow

    There are so many sights to see in Moscow, so many places to visit. You can find some information here.

    There are incredibly tasty cousins in Russia. We can guide you through it, please link here.

    Below you can find a list of things you can do in Moscow to feel its spirit.

    #1 To use Moscow underground

    It was constructed in Soviet period. While using Moscow metro you can touch the greatness of the soviet people who built it and see how the biggest piece of art in Moscow is inextricably entwined with everyday life. To get more information visit safety and transport.

    #2 To ride Moscow-850

    It’s a giant Ferris wheel (70m diameter), the tallest in Russia. It has both open and enclosed cars.

    #3 To sit on Red Square

    There is a good photo point on Red Square: you sit on paving stones (please, use some kind of underlay – it can be not safe to sit right on the cold stones) with your back to Saint Basil’s Cathedral. One should take this picture from below.

    #4 To make a wish

    For that you should drop a coin inside Lobnoye mesto (Place of Skulls). It’s situated on Red Square.

    #5 To try on Russian culture

    What does this mean? You should try on ushanka (Russian winter hat with ear flaps) and valenki (Russian winter footwear), to play balalaika (Russian folk stringed musical instrument).

    #6 To feed pigeons

    You can feed pigeons on the square in front of Russian State Library.

    #7 To ride skates outside in winter

    Muscovites like to spend time skating in Moscow parks. It can be very romantic at night. To choose the place link here

    #8 To take a picture with Stalin

    Next to Red Square there are some actors who look exactly like main Soviet leaders. You can take a picture with them in change of money.

    #9 To visit Russian sauna (banya)

    A lot of Russians love to take steam baths. There are special bathing ritual including wearing special felt hats and hitting each other with venik (bunches of dried branches and leaves). You can visit public banya or rent an individual cabin.

    #10 To visit a theater

    Moscow is famous with its theatres. If you don’t understand Russian then you can go to a ballet performance.